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This law shows a direct relationship between temperature and pressure: as temperature increases, pressure will increase proportionally. Mathematically, we can solve for the change in pressure by inputting the change in temperature. The second temperature is equal to twice the first temperature. For the fractions to remain equal, the second pressure must also be twice the first pressure. The container is at a temperature of.
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Gay-Lussac's Law of Gaseous Volumes

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Gay-Lussac's Law - Chemistry LibreTexts

An example of Gay-Lussac's Law in everyday life is the shooting of a gun. As gunpowder burns, it creates superheated gas, which forces the bullet out of the gun barrel following Gay-Lussac's Law. Other everyday life examples can be found in things that use gas and pressure in order to function. All gases have different properties that can be observed via the senses. These properties include temperature, mass, volume and the pressure contained within the gas. Scientists have discovered that all of these properties within a gas are related to one another, and it is these properties that determine the gas' state. Charles and Gay-Lussac were two French scientists who first discovered, and then investigated, the relationship between temperature and volume in gases.
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Gay-Lussac’s law (constant volume) – problems and solutions

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Gases have property of expansion and compressibility. Types of gas does not affect ratio of expansion or compressibility. All gases has same expansion constant. We can define Boyle's Law ;.
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