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There will be no changes to other Yahoo properties or services, or your Yahoo account. You can find more information about the Yahoo Answers shutdown and how to download your data on this help page. Today I bought four mollies, two male and two female. They're in a But for some reason, the two males won't leave each other alone.
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Clever comebacks when people call you gay

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Urban Dictionary: fish

I've been so lonely girl, I've been so sad and down Couldn't understand why haters joked around I wanted to be free with other creatures like me And now I got my wish, cause i know that I'm a gay fish gay fish. Gay fish Yo mother fuckin' gay fish I'm a fish yo goin' on a gay fish It's alright girl makin' love to other gay fish. All those lonely nights at the grocery store In the frozen fish aisle feelin' like a whore Cause I wasn't being true Even though everyone said that I had to make a switch Gay fish now I know that I'm a gay fish gay fish. Gay fish Yo mother fuckin' gay fish I'm a fish yo Goin' on a gay fish Now I'm where i belong girl makin' love to other gay fish. I used to be scared, denying who I was Acting straight but then going out to the gay fish clubs Dancing with the Marlins making out with the all the Snappers I'd take a Salmon home and work that Coddle Fin for hours But now I'm out and I'm free to love what I want Be it Yellow Fin or Bass or them trout in Vermont I slapped that Holland ass, make that Grouper butt shake I'll come to your house and have an orgy in your motherfuckin' fish tank fish tank, fish tank. Mother fuckin' gay fish I'm a fish yo Goin' on a gay fish Yeah now I'm where i belong girl makin' love to other gay fish.
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Fishsticks Joke

Top definition. A male that likes fish sticks. Carlos : Do you like fish sticks? Kanye : Yes.
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For those who missed it, West was positively slammed on Wednesday night's episode of "South Park" — which centered around a baldfacedly juvenile joke about the term "fish sticks" — coming across as an egotistical jerk who is masking deep-ceded desires to live life as, uh, a "gay fish. At the end of the episode, after denying his latent feelings, West — dressed in a green vest and skin-tight fish-scale pants — finally realizes that he can't keep his inner fish closeted anymore, tells his crew "It's time for me to stop running. A gay fish just cant live in the outside world forever," then leaps off a pier and launches into an Auto-Tuned song while humping various fish. Now, we're fairly certain that the Kanye of old would've flown into a fit of rage over his portrayal on the show. But, on Thursday April 9 , West took a different tact, posting a link to the show his blog , and writing in ALL CAPS, of course that he wasn't upset, because he used the episode as motivation to display some new life skills.

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