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Few cites are so confident in their expertise in good living — and as travelers, we get to share in that uniquely Parisian "joie de vivre. The Riviera it's not, but this string of fanciful faux beaches — assembled in summer along a one-mile stretch of the Right Bank of the Seine — is a fun place to stroll, play, and people-watch on a sunny day and it's free! Other less-central areas of town, such as Bassin de la Vilette, have their own plages. This treasure trove of Middle Ages Moyen Age art fills old Roman baths, offering close-up looks at stained glass, Notre-Dame carvings, fine goldsmithing and jewelry, and rooms of tapestries.

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These models are doing major things—in the fashion industry and beyond. Here are their inspiring stories. Why you should know her: After a nearly decade-long career modeling for companies like Rimmel London and Hanes, she gave a crazy-inspiring TED talk in March that's since been viewed more than 2. She's also spoken at the White House and at the UN. Rocero is also the founder of Gender Proud, a nonprofit that does advocacy work for the transgender community.

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The fashion community gathered to say a final goodbye to legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld at his funeral on Friday afternoon, with some of the industry's leading lights turning out to celebrate the life of the style icon. The fashion world has been in mourning for the designer, who was as famous for his acerbic wit as he was his groundbreaking fashion designs, since he passed away from pancreatic cancer aged 85 on Tuesday,. And despite Lagerfed once noting that he would have no funeral and was 'really against remembrances', there was no stopping the hoards of his very stylishly-dressed friends and family members arriving to pay their respects to him, with attendees at the service including the likes of Vogue Editor-in-Chief Anna Wintour and supermodel Natalia Vodianova. Vogue editor-in-chief Anna was among well-wishers saying a final goodbye to designer Lagerfeld today.
Rastignac comes from a hardworking background and arrives in Paris eager to launch a career that will let him distinguish himself and also support his struggling family. But he soon discovers that truly succeeding involves more than becoming a good lawyer—it also necessitates learning how to navigate a complex and demanding social world, which puts him, as an outsider, at an immediate disadvantage. Into his confusion steps Vautrin , a secret criminal who argues that the only way for Rastignac to realize his ambitions is to shun conventional morality, and who offers to help him achieve this through suspect means. Rastignac faces a steep learning curve when he attempts to enter Paris society and must skillfully navigate this social world in order to get ahead. Rastignac discovers that mastering Parisian social graces is more complicated than he had imagined.

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