10 things you need to know about dating a cancer

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People with the Cancer sign have a lot going for them — they have such a big heart, a warm, caring nature, a goofy sense of humor, and steadfast determination to reach their goals, among other things. They might hide behind their tough exterior sometimes, but behind the walls they put up, they have one of the most generous, compassionate souls you will ever come across. Cancers have a very complex nature, and not many people know how to handle someone so complicated, raw, and pure. However, if you decide to get into a relationship with a Cancer, you will need this little crash course before things get too serious. They might try to act tough and unshaken by heartbreak, but underneath, they have deep emotions running through their veins. As a Cancer myself, I must say that sometimes I get too caught up in my emotions, so much so that I let them carry me out to sea.

Dating A Cancer Woman: Things You Should Know

10 Things You Need To Know About Loving A Cancer

We Cancers are pretty complicated. We're those ride-or-die people. We either love you or hate you; there's simply no in-between with us. What is it like to date a Cancer? It's one hell of a ride. If you are courageous enough to begin a relationship with a Cancer, there are certain things you have to expect. We strive to excel in everything we do.

10 Key Things To Know Before Dating A Cancer

Parenting is as exhilarating as it is overwhelming. Is this your first pregnancy? Yes, it's a bumpy ride, but once you get your angle, this will all be in the past.
Life after a cancer diagnosis is never the same. But if you're sitting on the other side of the fence, meaning that you are a caregiver, husband, wife, child or friend, there are some things that you need to know. We are not our former selves Each cancer survivor will find their "new normal" at some point.

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