Parenting Resources

Parenting resources are a necessity these days. Obviously, children don’t come with instruction manuals and sometimes parents encounter issues that they just don’t feel qualified to handle on their own. We understand that and so we’ve compiled a list of helpful resources for you as you traverse this tempestuous sea called, parenthood!

Eco-Friendly Living


So what does eco-friendly living have to do with finding better ways than abortion, other than expressing the respect for life behind feminism and behind genuinely prolife concern for unborn humans? For one, despair over the global environmental crisis can lead some women to consider abortion. We all owe it to them and to their born and unborn children, including those who have already incurred disabilities and health problems from pollution, to ease that pressure in every way we can, on small and large scales alike, and make this a safer, healthier world for them and for all living beings. Fortunately all is not lost; there are surprisingly many things …

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Sexual Health Resources

This section covers concerns that often face women trying to avoid unplanned/crisis pregnancies.  Making information available about women’s health and sexual health is important. You are welcome to visit as many or as few of these pages as you find helpful to your own unique situation. Sexual health education and resources are listed below. They include a wide array of resources based on a women’s needs for sexual health education and personal health needs. If you are in a crisis state right now, please remember that in most pregnancy situations, you can take a deep breath and face your difficulties step by step. Even though things may be quite urgent, …

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Crisis Pregnancy Support

Do you think you might be pregnant, or do you know you are? Wondering where to go from here? Whatever may be happening in your life right now, please take heart. There are people who are glad to listen and offer helping hands to you and your child, and others in your life. The resources below may help you to find such people. These resources, plus many others throughout the Nonviolent Choice Directory, are here to help get you and your baby (or babies) through the pregnancy and beyond, whether you ultimately choose parenting, adoption, or another care arrangement, such as guardianship.