LGBT Issues: Sochi Olympics and Gays

LGBT Issues

In June, a law passed by the Kremlin has officially made it illegal to be gay, and suddenly we got yet another one of those unnecessary LGBT issues on our hand – very shortly after the Supreme Court ruled Prop 8 as unconstitutional. According to the law, it is illegal “to spread propaganda for non-traditional sexual relations to minors” – and by “non-traditional sexual relations,” they obviously mean homosexual relations. Anyone who is found guilty of this would have to pay a fine.

Communication Differences between the Sexes: How to Navigate the Workplace


For years, women have been fighting for equality in the workplace.  While we have defiantly made advances, there is still a lot of work to be done. Some of the most memorable issues of women’s equality have resulted in big advantages for the fairer sex.  However, there are some improvements that can be made with much less drama.  Perhaps some of the struggles over equality are simply a result of communication differences.

Same-Sex Divorce is Easier Said than Done


For years, we’ve been hearing about the controversy that surrounds same-sex marriage.  However, there is an equally controversial topic that has failed to make the mainstream media: same-sex divorce. Of all the LGBT issues, this is the most under-reported.  Unfortunately, it is also one of the trickiest issues to resolve.

Why Is No One Talking About This?

Twin Babies in Diapers --- Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

No matter where you come down on the issue of abortion or right-to-life, there are some things that everyone should agree on.  Human rights.  Exposing wrong-doers.  Addressing the real issues involved with women’s health. What Happened? Kermit Gosnell, an abortion doctor, is on trial for murder.  This Pennsylvania doctor has been accused of beheading infants, storing baby feet in jars, and hearing the cries of babies who were delivered alive during abortion procedures. His former staff members have come forward to reveal startling information.  One employee told how Dr. Gosnell taught him to snip the spinal cord of babies.  Another employee tells how this beheading technique was used on live …

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Pro Every Life, Pro Woman, Pro Reproductive Justice for All: A Manifesto


The following manifesto was set up as a petition, now closed, on’s PetitionSite. The full text is below. If you agree, please join All Our Lives, a new international group based on this statement. We, the undersigned, affirm that: We are pro every life, before, during, and ever after birth. Therefore we vigorously, straightforwardly advocate women’s right to nonviolent sexual and reproductive choice.

Abortion Resources


While the Nonviolent Choice Website does not advocate or refer for abortions, we believe strongly in the right to compassionate, nonjudgmental post abortion care of any woman who has had an abortion, any man who is the father of an aborted child, and anyone else who has been involved with the procedure, including abortion providers. That includes healing treatment for the psychological and spiritual as well as any physical wounds. It includes, whenever this applies, assistance with unmet sex education and family planning needs, domestic violence, a history of childhood abuse, poverty, or any other problems that, if not addressed, could contribute to another abortion (or abortions) in the future. …

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Family Planning Resources

Family Planning

Much research is still necessary to help family planning methods become foolproof. Sometimes no matter how carefully a method is used, it doesn’t work for its intended purpose. But even now there are so many largely effective ways to minimize your chances of conceiving a baby, when… that is your choice, when it is a well-informed choice, and one that you exercise with care and diligence at all times. And one reason that equality is so important in male-female relationships is that family planning is most likely to work as intended in a genuinely equal relationship. Sobering statistic: without using any method at all, the average couple has a very high–85%–chance …

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Male Responsibility Resources


Women all over the world are subjected to gender-based violence–one in three, according to some global studies of both the industrialized & the Two-Thirds worlds. Violence against women is a major human rights abuse that urgently needs more voices of protest. Something else needs voices of protest, from pro life and pro choice alike. Eleanor Kirk and other early advocates of women’s rights knew that if male irresponsibility, coercion, and violence against women and children ceased, the abortion rate would plummet, and nonviolent choice would flourish for all. That is still true today. And something else early women’s advocates knew is still true: as important as it is to challenge certain life-destroying, harmful behaviors …

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Partnership Resources

pregnant woman

We do not generally believe in abortion, but we do believe that it is up to the pregnant woman whether or not she wants to live her life as her child’s social as well as biological parent. And certainly people have the right to reduce/eliminate their chances of conceiving children by any nonviolent means they choose, just as they should be free to pursue parenthood if they wish that instead. Conceiving and then socially parenting a biological child or children is not the only way to give life to children, by any means. And giving life to children, through whatever means, is of course not the only way to give life. …

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Rape & Incest Prevention

clid scared

Forced sex can directly lead to unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Also, for some people an aftereffect of sexual trauma, especially when it goes unhealed, is engaging in risky, unprotected sexual behavior, perhaps with abusive or neglectful partners. And when faced with an unplanned pregnancy, whether or not from voluntary sex with a loved partner, survivors sometimes do not feel they are “good enough” or capable enough to make parenting or adoption choices. For example, they may believe the unfortunate and crippling stereotype that “abused children automatically, inevitably grow up to be child abusers.” And so they go through the further trauma of abortion. These are among the many, many reasons …

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