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What to Do After Nuvaring Harmed Your Family

Have you become a victim of Nuvaring’s side effects?  Although using Nuvaring has been considered as one of the popular pregnancy prevention methods, an increasing number of lawsuits indicates that this popular prescription contraceptive isn’t as safe as it originally seemed.  Nuvaring has been shown to expose users to higher levels of hormones than other forms of birth control, causing dangerous problems with blood clotting.  Nuvaring manufacturers have been accused of not fully disclosing the risks and dangers associated with using this contraceptive.  If Nuvaring has harmed you or someone in your family, there are several steps you need to follow in order to pursue a case.  Let’s look at …

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Abortion Resources

While the Nonviolent Choice Website does not advocate or refer for abortions, we believe strongly in the right to compassionate, nonjudgmental post abortion care of any woman who has had an abortion, any man who is the father of an aborted child, and anyone else who has been involved with the procedure, including abortion providers. That includes healing treatment for the psychological and spiritual as well as any physical wounds. It includes, whenever this applies, assistance with unmet sex education and family planning needs, domestic violence, a history of childhood abuse, poverty, or any other problems that, if not addressed, could contribute to another abortion (or abortions) in the future. …

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Family Planning Resources

Much research is still necessary to help family planning methods become foolproof. Sometimes no matter how carefully a method is used, it doesn’t work for its intended purpose. But even now there are so many largely effective ways to minimize your chances of conceiving a baby, when… that is your choice, when it is a well-informed choice, and one that you exercise with care and diligence at all times. And one reason that equality is so important in male-female relationships is that family planning is most likely to work as intended in a genuinely equal relationship. Sobering statistic: without using any method at all, the average couple has a very high–85%–chance …

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Male Responsibility Resources

Women all over the world are subjected to gender-based violence–one in three, according to some global studies of both the industrialized & the Two-Thirds worlds. Violence against women is a major human rights abuse that urgently needs more voices of protest. Something else needs voices of protest, from pro life and pro choice alike. Eleanor Kirk and other early advocates of women’s rights knew that if male irresponsibility, coercion, and violence against women and children ceased, the abortion rate would plummet, and nonviolent choice would flourish for all. That is still true today. And something else early women’s advocates knew is still true: as important as it is to challenge certain life-destroying, harmful behaviors …

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Partnership Resources

We do not generally believe in abortion, but we do believe that it is up to the pregnant woman whether or not she wants to live her life as her child’s social as well as biological parent. And certainly people have the right to reduce/eliminate their chances of conceiving children by any nonviolent means they choose, just as they should be free to pursue parenthood if they wish that instead. Conceiving and then socially parenting a biological child or children is not the only way to give life to children, by any means. And giving life to children, through whatever means, is of course not the only way to give life. …

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Rape & Incest Prevention

Forced sex can directly lead to unwanted pregnancies and abortions. Also, for some people an aftereffect of sexual trauma, especially when it goes unhealed, is engaging in risky, unprotected sexual behavior, perhaps with abusive or neglectful partners. And when faced with an unplanned pregnancy, whether or not from voluntary sex with a loved partner, survivors sometimes do not feel they are “good enough” or capable enough to make parenting or adoption choices. For example, they may believe the unfortunate and crippling stereotype that “abused children automatically, inevitably grow up to be child abusers.” And so they go through the further trauma of abortion. These are among the many, many reasons …

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Parenting Resources

Parenting resources are a necessity these days. Obviously, children don’t come with instruction manuals and sometimes parents encounter issues that they just don’t feel qualified to handle on their own. We understand that and so we’ve compiled a list of helpful resources for you as you traverse this tempestuous sea called, parenthood!

Eco-Friendly Living

So what does eco-friendly living have to do with finding better ways than abortion, other than expressing the respect for life behind feminism and behind genuinely prolife concern for unborn humans? For one, despair over the global environmental crisis can lead some women to consider abortion. We all owe it to them and to their born and unborn children, including those who have already incurred disabilities and health problems from pollution, to ease that pressure in every way we can, on small and large scales alike, and make this a safer, healthier world for them and for all living beings. Fortunately all is not lost; there are surprisingly many things …

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Sexual Health Resources

This section covers concerns that often face women trying to avoid unplanned/crisis pregnancies.  Making information available about women’s health and sexual health is important. You are welcome to visit as many or as few of these pages as you find helpful to your own unique situation. Sexual health education and resources are listed below. They include a wide array of resources based on a women’s needs for sexual health education and personal health needs. If you are in a crisis state right now, please remember that in most pregnancy situations, you can take a deep breath and face your difficulties step by step. Even though things may be quite urgent, …

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Crisis Pregnancy Support

Do you think you might be pregnant, or do you know you are? Wondering where to go from here? Whatever may be happening in your life right now, please take heart. There are people who are glad to listen and offer helping hands to you and your child, and others in your life. The resources below may help you to find such people. These resources, plus many others throughout the Nonviolent Choice Directory, are here to help get you and your baby (or babies) through the pregnancy and beyond, whether you ultimately choose parenting, adoption, or another care arrangement, such as guardianship.