The Nonviolent Choice was initially developed as a low-bandwidth Directory that offers abortion-reducing resources from all over the world, for anyone who may need and benefit from them. Since then our mission has evolved to include a wide variety of women’s issues.

We now devote ourselves to providing information about:

Healing After an Abortion.
Male responsibility.
Sexual and Reproductive Health
Pregnancy Prevention
Battered Womens Support
Mother & Child Health
Parenting & Child Rearing
Adoption, Foster Care, & Guardianship
Family Food & Nutrition
Career Counseling

We are still devoted to offering ways that anyone and everyone can personally join in the struggle to reduce abortion & create better lives and choices for all. In addition to listing resources on the above topics, we regularly post doable, practical action alerts in our Blog and offer pages on eco-friendly living and on ways to give life other than (or in addition) being a biological and/or social parent oneself. We offer the Directory in the hope and (interfaith, nonsectarian, secular) belief that:

All lives matter, born and unborn.
Women have the human right to make their own nonviolent (voluntary, fully informed, non-abortion  abortion-reducing) sexual and reproductive choices.
Humankind at every level, from the individual to the global, must secure and protect women’s free exercise of this right, and the ability of women and children, born and unborn, to live their whole lives in safety, dignity, and respect.

Please send any questions, comments, and topic or website recommendations to wp(at)nonviolentchoice.info . And please, if you have not visited and read these before, read our Terms of Use before going into the Directory.