How to Know if You’re Part of the Problem

man and womanIf you’re a man, and you’re hear reading this article, first of all, congratulations. You’re already putting more thought into your behavior than the majority of men out there. But that doesn’t mean you’re absolved from guilt just yet. There are several things you may be doing to make the women in your workplace feel uncomfortable. And if you are, you’re part of the problem.

Making Physical Contact

When men find women attractive they find any excuse they can to touch them. Whether it’s a hand on their shoulder or the small of their back, men often “can’t help” but intrude on a woman’s body. You may feel that it’s harmless, but we know what you’re up to. And it makes us feel disgusting.

Emotional Dumping

Because woman are looked at as the more empathetic gender, we’re often expected to listen as men complain about their lives. I’ve got some news for you. We are just, if not more, busy than you are. While you may have time to complain, we’re busy working twice as hard as you to prove that we belong.


If you see someone call out a woman in a meeting, do not stand up for her. She is an adult, with an adult job, and she’s made it this far without your help. While your intentions are probably good, in reality, you’re sending the signal that she is weaker than you and requires your protection. Well, rest assured, she’s not and she doesn’t.

Calling Them Girls

Ugh. This one drives me crazy. There is really no bigger insult to a woman than to be referred to as a girl. A woman is a grown adult, and she is to be respected. A girl is young and needs help tying her shoes. Don’t get the two confused. Would you like it if someone called you a boy? I didn’t think so. Equality in the workplace is a right everyone should enjoy.

Saying Your Against Feminism

Modern feminism is about the empowerment of women. It’s about making sure we have the rights in place to allow us to reach our full potential. If that scares or bothers you, that’s you’re problem. Talk to your therapist about it. Not your co-workers.

Now that you know what you’re doing wrong, you can work to correct it. Remember, it’s not the job of women to change the workforce culture to be more respectful. It’s yours.