3 Common Misconceptions about Modern Feminism

We all know somebody who believes strongly in the ideals posited by feminism. Whether it’s your sister, a cousin, your mother, or a friend you’ve no doubt been told at some time or another about a women’s rights issue, even if it’s just at a PR seminar hosted by your company because it’s Women’s History Month. If you’ve heard women’s rights issues then you’ve no doubt heard the other side of the fence too, and you’ve probably even heard the following three arguments against modern feminism.

1. It’s [insert year]. Haven’t we already fixed women’s rights by now?

Like so many other discriminatory issues, the fight for equality in the workplace for both genders is still far from being “fixed.” While it’s true that the mean pay grade for both women and men are starting to grow closer in number, it’s also true that men make more annually then their equally qualified female counterparts. Just because it’s 2014 (or 1920 for some staunch fundamentalists) doesn’t mean the issue is resolved. In fact it will probably continue to be a problem as long as people insist that it’s not.

2. We don’t need feminists anymore because they’ve done what they need to do.

Here’s a piece of news for anyone reading this. If you believe that women have the right to vote and hold a job then you’re a staunch feminist. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. True, back when the women’s rights movement started it was mostly women doing the marching and women doing the debating. These days, however, you’ll find an entire range of people who support equality under the law. If you count yourself as someone who believes in that sort of equity then you obviously still believe that it’s important.

3. Feminazis are emasculating our men!

Stop. Stop right there, hypothetical angry guy. Comparing a movement which is concerned with equality with a fascist regime that actively encouraged and participated in genocide is a false analogy, specifically tailored to induce rage and bile. You’re better than that.

Aside from that, however, complaining that women who believe that they should receive fair treatment as human beings rather than baby-producing receptacles are emasculating society proves two things. One, you think you live in some bygone, fictitious era where men proved their masculinity by lacking civic responsibility, and two, you’re caught in a mindset that tells you that even if this era existed we as a society should go back to that time because society progressing isn’t as important to you as not being held accountable for your treatment of others.

At the end of the day, there have been plenty of advancements to the women’s rights movement with the end result of modern feminism. So do your part and stop the spread of misconceptions!