The Case of Dr. Kermit Gosnell

Violence Against WomenIn a past article, I briefly discussed the case of Kermit Gosnell, a physician from Philadelphia who performed abortions. His abortion practices were so unfathomable that, thankfully, he was sentences to three life sentences in the third week of May this year.

Now, before you proceed, consider this a warning because, in this article, I will revisit some of the things that Gosnell did.

The Profile

Gosnell was a disturbed human being. When the police, in hazmat suits, raided his home following the FBI’s raid of his clinic in West Philadelphia, Gosnell seemed oddly “calm.” As the police were doing their investigation, according to John Taggart, one of the crime scene investigators from Philadelphia Police, Gosnell apparently decided to play the piano. It was a rather creepy scene that seemed like it came straight out of a horror movie.

What the Police Discovered

When the police went to investigate Gosnell’s basement, they were greeted by fleas. The smells down there were “unbearable,” according to Taggart. The police officer even went as far as describing what he and his team saw that night as something like “a house of horrors,” where they found corpses of dead babies and dismembered parts all over the place, including in fridges.

What He Did

According to prosecutors, in Gosnell’s practice, they said he would deliver some of the babies alive and, once out, he and his staff would “ensure death” of the babies by using scissors to cut the babies’ necks.

To this day, there are still fetuses unaccounted for. Officer Taggart said that they’ve “looked and looked” for three years, but they still don’t know where to find the lost fetuses.

In Closing

You know what’s most the terrifying thing about this whole scandal besides Gosnell’s piano-playing stunt during the police raid at his house? According to jurors, Gosnell “smirked throughout his murder trial.” Even after he received the three life sentences, you can find photos of Kermit Barron Gosnell smirking.

He’s clearly a very disturbed human being, and I’m sure we’re all glad he is being punished with three life sentences. However, the one thing I still can’t accept is why this was even allowed to happen in the first place. It’s unbelievable that someone this demented was allowed to run his own practice.

Not only did he waste the lives of countless babies, he also committed violence against women. Additionally, I can’t help but feel bad for Gosnell’s high-schooler daughter and 20-year-old son (who is said to be thinking of getting a new last name). It doesn’t matter if they changed their name or their appearance; they will forever be haunted by their father’s disturbing and unfathomable practices.