The Foundation to Prevent Violence Against Women and Children

Violence Against WomenOn July 26th, The Foundation to Prevent Violence Against Women and Children was launched in Melbourne, Australia. It is designed to confront the “shameful” record that Australia has of violence against women and children.

The purpose of the foundation is to work on “best practice prevention strategies” with the public to help reduce the very real violence that happens to women and children in the country.

As statistics show, as many as 89 women in Australia were killed by their partners just between 2008 and 2010. Not to mention the women who became subjected to physical violence and sexual assault at some point in their lives.

According to Natasha Stott Despoja, the Australian Democrats’ former leader, eradicating violence is a grand goal that will take time, possibly even generations. The goal of the foundation, of which she is the first chairperson to, is to build on prevention and to talk to people “about what works and doesn’t work.”

Also according to her, Australia’s record of violence against women and children, when compared against the world, “is shameful.” She hopes that a period of consultation that the foundation provides would allow them to come up with the best possible strategy on how to tackle violence.

A minister for community serves, Mary Wooldridge, said that in order to tackle the issue of violence against women and children, Australians “need a coordinated national voice, an obvious rallying point,” not to mention “the collaboration of the sector, the explicit support of the community and endorsement of government.” She, and many others, believes that this new foundation can achieve that.

This is wonderful news for all Australian women and children. With the launching of the new foundation, now they will have someone to hold their hand when faced with violence, and also a source of information and wisdom for said issue. Even though this is mainly wonderful news for Australian women and children, anyone in the world who is against violence against women and children are sure to also appreciate that formation of this new foundation.